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One-on-one shamanic healing and spiritual guidance session for Earth Angels

Cost: $555 USD

Single 60-minute Zoom session to activate Earth Angels into their highest power and connect deeply with their intuition. Includes shamanic healing, intuition activation, and Akashic records support.

The purpose of the offering is to:

  • Facilitate any shamanic healing (cord cutting, soul retrieval, etc.) that is required for you to step forward on your divine path.

  • Help you understand how your unique spiritual gifts manifest.

  • Catalyze your connection with your intuition, spirit guides, higher self, higher power, and other benevolent spirit helpers.

  • Support you in receiving clarity regarding integrating the healing and seeking spiritual alignment.


The process:

  • You submit an intake form to let Leilani know where you feel stuck and need energetic support in your life.

  • You meet with Leilani twice per month via Zoom to receive real-time, focused support, shamanic healing, and intuition mentorship.

  • You have ongoing access to Leilani via Voxer (voice messaging app) for support, guidance, and encouragement as you integrate healing, grow your spiritual gifts, and take daily steps to live in energetic alignment.

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Remove energetic blockages and release unhealthy soul ties

Restore energetic connections to your higher self and purpose

Activate and amplify spiritual gifts

Receive wisdom, guidance, and insight from spirit guides and ancestors

Understand next steps on your

divine path


$555 USD


Leilani is a shaman, leadership visionary, DEI expert, and spiritual mentor supporting intuitive leaders, lightworkers, and Earth Angels in reconnecting with their spiritual truth in service of being more intuitive, imaginative, and heart-centered.

In 2020, months into the pandemic, Leilani experienced a spiritual awakening that changed her life forever. She left her corporate leadership role and her marriage in service of walking her divine path more fully. She began studying as a shaman and Akashic records practitioner that same year. Since then, she has supported hundreds of people to awaken to their own power and strengthen their spiritual gifts.

She is the author of “Paradox of the Water Bearer” and the host of The Intuitive Catalyst podcast.


"I have spent many years wishing and wanting and working hard to realize my purpose and work in the world. Thanks to Leilani, I am finally making it happen. She is not just a healer and intuitive, but also a teacher and inspiration. And, it is fun!"

Julia W.



Nourishing conversations of hope for a world seeking to be more intuitive, balanced, and loving.


A raw and heartfelt memoir about my reckoning with purpose, my spiritual gifts, and what it means to live a deeply aligned and authentic life.

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