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Three divine channels offering pathways for Lightseekers to reconnect with their inner light and bring their lives into greater alignment.

Image by Evie S.

Our Story

Leilani, Anika, and Kailei were brought together by the Divine (God, Source, Spirit, the Universe) by seeming happenstance; and yet, nothing could be further from the truth.

Over the last year, they have been connecting more deeply with their individual intuitive gifts and divine missions, leaning more deeply into their roles in the collective awakening as spiritual channels, teachers, and guides.

When the Divine asked them to collectively co-create spaces for more individuals to discover and lean into their own divine gifts and missions, their answer was a resounding and collective "Yes!"

Join them for an upcoming Lightseeker session to discover your own inner light and purpose. It's time for you to step into who you are meant to be here.

Lightseeker Workshop Series

Session 2: Embodying Love


We completed our second channeled session on March 13, 2022. To purchase access to the recording, please fill out the form below. To be notified of future workshops, please scroll to the bottom of the page to subscribe.


This workshop explores the following concepts:

∙ What does it mean to embody love?

∙ How can I begin to make choices to create capacity in my life to deeply experience love?

Cost: $44

Once your payment is completed, please look out for an email from over the next few days, which will include a link to the recording. Please check spam and junk folders.
Image by Benjamin Davies

Meet The Three Luminaries

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