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Spiritual Guidance Session with Leilani

Price: $375 for 60 minutes* | $500 for 90 minutes*

Leilani is a shaman, a spiritual channel, and energetic healer, channeling messages from our Higher Power (the Universe, Source, God, the Divine) in service of awakening light leaders to their divine power.

This offering is a one-on-one, in-person Spiritual Guidance Session with Leilani to support you on your spiritual path.

Discover, activate, and grow your spiritual gifts while receiving clarity and guidance regarding your healing, intuition development, work, creativity, and/or relationships.


Leilani provides energetic healing as needed, including Akashic Records support, energetic cord cutting, shamanic soul retrieval and extractions, etc. (Due to the intensive nature of this type of healing support, this is generally reserved for longer 90-minute sessions.)

*Flexibility with timing is requested due to the nature of the work.

This offering IS FOR YOU if:

  • You are looking to grow your spiritual gifts.

  • You are ready to understand who you are on a soul level.

  • You are ready to create meaningful shifts in your life (for the better) and are unafraid to learn what that might mean.

  • You believe in some higher power or spiritual guidance (such as ancestors, Higher Self, etc.) and are ready to understand how to connect with them to improve your experience.

This offering IS NOT FOR YOU if:

  • You are simply looking for someone to channel deceased loved ones, etc.

  • You are not ready to understand your spiritual gifts and connect with them.

  • You are not ready to create meaningful shifts in your life.

  • You are looking solely for energetic or shamanic healing and not ready to understand your own gifts more fully.


What are clients saying?

"After working one-on-one with Leilani, I have been able to gain clarity on my purpose and remove anxiety and doubt. I have been struggling with carrying a weight of shame that I didn’t understand how to release. Leilani quickly tapped into my energy in a 'cord cutting' session and led me to realize the story that I was telling myself and even pinpoint where these feelings originated. I was able to shed them and instantly felt lighter. There were affirmations that I created for myself during the session that I am still reciting everyday. It’s continued to help me grow. I am so grateful to Leilani for being so open and led by the Spirit. I know she truly is divinely tapped in and called to help lead others to light."

- Myra H.

Ready to explore your divine potential?

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