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Earth Angel Workshops
with Leilani Mañulu

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Hi, friend. ♥︎

As you may know, I'm a clear channel. I channel messages from our Higher Power (the Universe, Source, God, Spirit, the Divine) in service of awakening light leaders to their divine power.

I am here, fully surrendering my will to the will of the Divine, to change our world for the better.

Recently, I received a clear message to provide workshops to people just like you.

There is an imperative in our human collective right now to (re-)connect deeply with our spiritual gifts. To heal ourselves and others. To connect with our divine missions. To learn to trust ourselves and our soul's wisdom once again.

These workshops are for anyone who is curious about their own gifts. Anyone who is questioning whether or not there is more than what they are seeing with their two eyes. Anyone who is ready to discover who they are on a soul level.

Disclaimer: You cannot unsee yourself once you catch a glimpse of who you are on a soul level. This workshop may only be the beginning of your path of intuitive discovery, yet if you found yourself here, you are ready. You're ready to dive deeper. You're ready to move forward.


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♥︎ Leilani

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Image by Nathan Jennings
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