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Paradox of the Water Bearer

"I have been able to gain clarity on my purpose and remove anxiety and doubt."
Myra H.

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If given the choice, would you heal or destroy?

Every person I’ve ever been, every life I’ve ever lived, resides in my bones, in my DNA, in an irreplaceable and uncapturable journey.

I’ve lived my entire life becoming. Becoming and embodying a different person in every season. Shapeshifting and fitting in and eventually belonging. 


This is my attempt at capturing that movement. Like a meager snapshot of a wild and tumultuous river. You may capture the fleeting moment, but it is difficult to convey the power of the water with a simple picture. It is too dynamic, try as we may. 

I am a pure channel for the universe, an interpreter of spiritual and unseen messages. This book is a collection of the universal truths I have discovered along my winding path, told through the lens of a woman of color deep in her healing journey and rediscovery of self. 

This is my story, my healing, my sacred becoming. And I’m honored to share it with you.


"This book is a masterpiece. This is the author's story, heart journey of receiving and interpreting the spiritual messages. Her experiences will definitely strike a chord, an in depth understanding. It is just the right impactful book that will leave you awestruck and surprised beyond your wildest imagination."

- Ruby's Reading


"I cannot comprehend how the author was able to assemble this amazing product, her first book, at the levels of sophistication running throughout the project."

- Bill Weis, Seattle University MBA professor


"This is a book for every person who has ever doubted the voice of their soul and their ability to live in alignment with that voice."

- Josette LeBlanc, Owner of Josette LeBlanc Energy Work & Mentoring

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