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I am Leilani.

I have been connected to the spiritual realm my entire life. As a child, I remember walking into haunted houses and knowing there were spirits roaming around. I could feel their energy, their emotional state. Their grief, their sadness. What was left undone or unsaid in their lives.


This is who I have always been.

I spent most of my life fearing my gifts, stuffing them away for the better part of 37 years. In 2020, around the time COVID began, my gifts started ramping up. It wasn't just a feeling or a vision every now and then like before; it was a constant stream of images and messages flowing to me from beyond our world.

My life until this point was quite conventional. I held a coveted leadership role at a Fortune 50 corporation teaching and coaching leaders to be more authentic, equitable, and courageous in their leadership roles. I was married with one kid.

When my gifts started getting stronger, I would be coaching leaders and their deceased loved ones would come forward with messages from beyond. I knew that this increase in my intuition was important to my work, and yet I didn't quite know what do to.

Then, I met a dear friend named Josette LeBlanc who activated me into my highest power, and the intuitive guidance has been flowing steadily ever since.

My intuition guided me toward getting my life into spiritual alignment -- and quickly! Within the span of a few months, I quit my job, left my marriage, began training to be a shaman, and started sharing these divine messages with the world through my writing, podcasting, and supporting clients. (I also wrote a book about my spiritual awakening as it was happening.)

I use my expertise in business, leadership, and diversity, equity, and inclusion as well as my gifts as a shaman and divine guide to catalyze Earth Angels into embodying their soul self in this life. Earth Angels arriving back home to themselves will bring balance back to our world.

I do this work in groups through workshops and activations, individually through shamanic healings and monthly mentorship, and in organizations through training and speaking engagements.

If you found yourself here, you're probably an Earth Angel, and I would love to help you remember who you are on a soul level.

I Promise To

  • Honor your paradoxical nature as a whole, feeling human and divine being

  • Be transparent, straightforward, and deeply inclusive

  • Work in ways that bring the divine feminine into balance


I exist in this world to call you forward.

You know who you are; I can help you remember.

What I Value

My values guide the way I work.


Our deepest joy is always available to us, and we must be able and willing to access it as we work together to create spiritually aligned change in your life and in our world. Enjoying what makes us human and savoring earthly pleasures are profound aspects of our collective purpose as Earth Angels.


Our world is one of duality and we must acknowledge and accept that we are constantly surrounded by choices that pull us in different directions. I guide Earth Angels to see and make choices that are in deep spiritual alignment and integrity with their soul self.


There is always hope. This is what must always drive us forward toward the world that we envision as Earth Angels: one that is free, loving, healing, and whole. I believe that YOU are the hope that we need in order to move our world forward.


My Vision

Empowered, conscious, and spiritually aligned Earth Angels in every community guiding our world into the light.

My Mission

To activate and lead Earth Angels back home to themselves for a more intuitive, imaginative, inclusive, and heart-centered world.


I am honored and grateful to have partnered with a number of influential organizations toward creating more inclusive cultures by centering healing and heart-centered leadership.

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