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Who We Are

We are a BIPOC women-led collective of intuitive leadership coaches, HR practitioners, healers, and change agents aiming to support and place thoughtful, conscious leaders in every organization.

We are experts in leadership, intuition, and diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI)-centered culture change.

We Promise To

  • Be transparent, straightforward, and inclusive

  • Create processes that center healing, accountability, and collective care

  • Work in a way that honors each person as a whole, feeling human

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We are experts in leadership, intuition, and diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI)-centered culture change.

Lake at Dusk

What We Value

Our values guide the way we work.


Our deepest joy is always available to us, and we must be able and willing to access it as we work together in order to create the change we are meant to.


Our world is one of duality and we must acknowledge and accept that we are constantly surrounded by choices that pull us in different directions. We guide leaders and organizations toward achieving more balance, including utilizing tools such as transparency and accountability to bring balance to systems of power within an organization.


There is always hope. This is what must always drive us forward toward the world that we are envisioning: one that is free, loving, healing, and whole. We believe that our clients are the hope that we need in order to move our world forward.

Wheat Field

Our Vision

Empowered, conscious leaders in every organization guiding our world into the light.

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Our Mission

To source from the seen and unseen to guide leaders and organizations to be more intuitive, imaginative, and heart-centered.

We are honored and grateful to have partnered with a number of influential clients toward creating more inclusive cultures by centering healing and heart-centered leadership.

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