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Intuitive Executive Search

Our team guides organizations toward discovering and hiring ​intuitive leaders ready to create a positive impact within their evolving culture. We utilize a holistic and human-centered approach to find the best leader to meet an organization's specific set of needs.

Offering Includes:

- Needs assessment, including 1:1 interviews with staff and board members

- Leadership of a hiring process tailored to fit an organization's needs

- Inclusive and equitable lens embedded throughout the entire process, from start to finish

Your organization is a good fit if:

- You have an established diversity, equity, and inclusion strategy in place.

- You prioritize a culture of care and healing and utilize a human-centered approach in your work and leadership, or at the very least, aspire to do so.

- You are open to the unseen. We are divine channels, interpreters making sense of the unseen. We integrate a healing approach throughout the entire process. Organizations that work with us are open to this innovative approach.

- You are open to change and receptive to meaningful feedback about your hiring and leadership processes.

Read this Medium article written by Leilani to learn more.

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