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Shamanic Home Blessing

Shamanic home blessing with Leilani

Price: $375*

Your home is a sacred place. For many of us, it is where we nourish ourselves, where we rest, where we play, and perhaps even where we work. This offering is ideal for new home buyers who are looking to create space intentionally in their new home; yet it also benefits anyone who may be ready to energetically clear or set new intentions within an existing space.

The entire offering typically takes about 30 minutes, yet flexibility with timing is requested due to the nature of the work.

Service Includes:

- Intention​ setting: What is home to you?

- Communing with spirits of the land for messages and protections

- Shamanic, energetic clearing and blessing (includes smudging, or burning dried sage)

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*Pricing applies to homes within 25 miles of zip code 98058. Additional travel costs may apply to homes outside of this range.

Image by Aaron Huber
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