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Intensive, one-on-one support with Leilani
$2,222 per month
Minimum 3-month commitment

Leilani guides, empowers, and supports intuitive leaders who are ready to accelerate their impact and pursue their divine purpose wholeheartedly and for the greatest good.

Leilani combines traditional shamanic healing practices with her experience as an executive coach to support leaders in accessing and expressing their intuitive gifts for the greatest impact in their work and home life.

Leilani's extensive experience with organizational culture change, leadership development, team dynamics and facilitation, and diversity, equity, and inclusion guides her ability to support executive leaders to the fullest extent, allowing them to source from their intuitive wisdom to make the most aligned, authentic choices in every aspect of their work and life.

Monthly Service Includes:

- Two hour-long, monthly coaching calls designed to facilitate the discovery and strengthening of intuitive gifts and how to apply them in a leadership role

- Intensive, ongoing, and one-on-one shamanic healing and energetic support (divine message translation, energetic cord cutting, soul retrieval, and spiritual mentorship, guidance, and advisory)

- Full access to Leilani via Voxer voice messaging app

This offering is for you if:

- You know that there is more than what you are seeing with your two eyes.

- You feel purposeful but not having the impact you know you can have.

- You are deeply troubled by the state of the world.

- You have trouble balancing your life.

- You feel out of alignment.

- You prioritize your growth and healing.

What are clients saying?

"I cannot recommend more highly working with Leilani. She has in many ways been an angel in my life. Our time together in session work is deeply meaningful and every time results in real healing and actionable outcomes that have a positive impact on how I relate to myself, my family, and my life experiences. Her ongoing dialogue and encouragement via Voxer is a unique service and a godsend. It is worth every penny and more. I have spent many years wishing and wanting and working hard to realize my purpose and work in the world. Thanks to her support, over just the last several months, I am finally making it happen. She is not just a healer and intuitive, but also a teacher and inspiration. And, it is fun! There are many tears and lots of laughter as well. Because of what I have learned with Leilani, I believe in myself in a way I never have before. After reading her book I reached out to her about her intuitive coaching and I am forever grateful to have done so. I would be glad to talk to anyone interested in working with her as a reference."

- Julia W.

"Leilani is exceptionally gifted at guiding others in their journey to awaken and harness their spiritual connections. Given her past coaching experiences at a Fortune 500 company, Leilani has the unique ability to balance secular world realities while amplifying individuals' spiritual gifts to enable confident practice and trust in one's own abilities. She serves as a catalyst in bringing harmony and alignment into lives."

- Jen G.

Read this Medium article to learn more, or explore other articles written by Leilani to support intuitive leaders.

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