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Leilani Mañulu
Shaman & Leadership Visionary

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Leilani is a queer, mixed-race, invisibly disabled, cisgender woman and the founder and CEO of Leilani Mañulu, LLC. She is a leadership expert, spiritual channel, and intuitive executive coach with nearly two decades of experience in business, leadership development, organizational design, and diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI).

She blends her corporate, non-profit, and consulting experience with her training as a shamanic practitioner to support leaders and organizations to be more intuitive, imaginative, and heart-centered. Her personal mission is to provide support and guidance  to individuals and organizations in hopes of making the world better for generations to come.


Leilani received her BA in Accounting from the University of Washington (2007) and her MBA in Leadership Development from Seattle University (2012). Leilani spent most of her distinguished corporate career as a senior HR leader in the aerospace industry, trailblazing at the intersection of leadership development and DEI through her work envisioning, creating, and implementing leadership development programs, DEI-centered hiring processes, and various initiatives to improve culture, increase retention, and promote authenticity and belonging within teams and organizations.


Leilani believes that organizations that empower their people to stand in their authentic wholeness will be what restores balance to our world.


She is the author of "Paradox of the Water Bearer" and the host of "The Intuitive Catalyst" podcast.

Check out Leilani's articles on Medium to learn more about how she supports leaders and organizations.

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