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Hi, friend. ♥︎

Chances are, you have felt very different your entire life.

I would venture a guess that, even at a young age, you could not understand why humans behave the way that they do. It is difficult for you understand how humans can be so unkind to one another or why we don't just spend all of our time loving each another. Connecting. Being. Playing. Laughing. Engaging in purposeful and meaningful work for the betterment of all.

If you found yourself here, you are likely an Earth Angel. I have supported hundreds of Earth Angels, both 1-on-1 and in group settings. And while being an Earth Angel means something different to every single person who identifies as such, the following traits are common amongst all of the Earth Angels that I have supported, amplified, and activated:

1. We are deeply intuitive. Whether or not we feel connected to our intuition or believe we are interpreting our intuition accurately is irrelevant. If you are an Earth Angel, you have a strong sense of intuition and can develop it with intention, attention, and practice.

2. We are deeply purposeful. We tend to lose our sense of self if we are not feeling aligned to our divine purpose. Many Earth Angels may not even know yet what their purpose is, but they know when they are off path.

3. We are divine helpers, and Earth Angels choose to incarnate into this world to restore balance. Our world is currently imbalanced in shadow and we are here to be the Light that our world desperately needs. As children, Earth Angels often are described as helpful, sweet, and perhaps the glue that holds everything together.

4. We sense the existence of a Higher Power, and we feel most at peace when we are connected to Them and aligned to/embodying their will. When we feel disconnected from the All (or something bigger than us), we feel lost and hopeless.

Most of the Earth Angels with whom I work and support are feeling drawn to activating their intuitive gifts more fully; increasing their sense of connection to their Higher Power, guides, angels, and ancestors; understanding how to walk their divine path with intention; and seeking a community of others like them. As divine beings walking this Earth, it it common for many of us to feel as though we do not quite belong anywhere... until now.

I have created this space to:

  • Activate your intuitive gifts and help you understand them more fully

  • Answer your questions about being an Earth Angel

  • Teach you how to discern the information you are receiving

  • Amplify your sense of courage to walk your divine path

  • Connect you with an Earth Angel community to facilitate a sense of belonging

In this moment, breathe and connect with your inner knowing.

I love you.

♥︎ Leilani

P.S. Please visit this link to sign up for future workshops with Leilani.

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