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Intuitive Leadership Workshops

We provide coaching and training to leaders seeking to be more connected, heart-centered, and equitable, enabling them to have a positive impact within their organization and personal life. We utilize a holistic and human-centered approach that prioritizes ease, transformation, accountability, and self-care.

Our coaching and training expertise includes (but is not limited to):

  • Intuitive Leadership

  • Emotional Intelligence & Strengths-Based Leadership

  • Leading with Radical Authenticity

  • Relationships, Connection, and Community Building

  • Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion: Leadership for Healing & Liberation

  • Organizational Compassion

  • Equitable and Human-Centered Hiring Processes

Our coaching and training will have the highest impact if your organization:

  • Has an established diversity, equity, and inclusion strategy in place.

  • Prioritizes a culture of care and healing and utilizes a human-centered approach in your work and leadership (or aspires to do so).

  • Is open to an intuitive approach to leadership. We are intuitives and healers integrating our interpretation of the unseen throughout our entire process. We  encourage our clients to access their own inner knowing to propel their own leadership and organization forward.

  • Is open to change and receptive to meaningful feedback about leadership strategies and processes.

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