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Offerings for
Intuitive Leaders + Organizations

Full-service, customized support for conscious leaders and organizations

Image by Evie S.

Intuitive Leadership Coaching

Intensive, ongoing one-on-one support and guidance designed to activate, amplify, and grow your intuitive gifts.

$3,333 per month

Minimum 3-month commitment

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Intuitive Leadership Workshops

Customized holistic and human-centered leadership training to promote a more intuitive, connected, and equitable leadership team and organization.

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Image by Amy Humphries

Intuitive Leadership
Speaking Engagements

Skillful storytelling and thought leadership for organizations seeking to be more connected, heart-centered, and inclusive.

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Intuitive Executive Search

Holistic and equity-centered approach toward discovering and hiring intuitive leaders ready to create meaningful impact within an organization's evolving culture.

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Image by Olga Thelavart

Soul of the Organization

Intuitive guidance and support designed to connect leaders with the soul of the organization in order to facilitate more generative and aligned organizational shifts.

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