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Soul of the Organization

Everything in our world carries an energetic signature. Our organizations are no different. Leilani works with leaders to amplify and grow their intuitive gifts in service of accessing the wisdom of the soul of the organization to promote alignment and increase meaningful impact.

Facilitated support for accessing the soul of the organization varies depending on the needs of the organization. It can look like one-on-one coaching and channeling with an organization's CEO or an 8-hour, intensive workshop with an organization's entire executive team.


This offering will have the highest impact within an organization if it:

  • Has an established diversity, equity, and inclusion strategy in place.

  • Prioritizes a culture of care and healing and utilizes a human-centered approach in their work and leadership (or aspires to do so).

  • Is open to an intuitive approach to leadership. We are intuitives and healers integrating our interpretation of the unseen throughout our entire process.

  • Is open to change and ready to make meaningful shifts based upon the wisdom and guidance captured during this process.

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