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The Intuitive Catalyst Podcast | Episode 1

Originally aired: January 7, 2021


In this first ever episode, I introduce my journey as a divine channel and Earth Angel and the importance of saying "Yes!" to the Universe. What does it mean to give yourself permission to remember who you are and step fully into your highest purpose?


Leilani: Hi, everybody, and welcome to the Intuitive [Catalyst] podcast. My name is Leilani. I am your host on this lovely day. And before we dive into all of the incredible interviews that I've done over the last several weeks, I wanted to really take a moment to describe what has brought me here, and what this journey has looked like for me over the last several months, but really my entire life. So real talk, and this is just true: I think this is the point in the podcast where people decide if I'm for them or if I'm not for them. So I'm just going to just shoot you straight and not waste any of your time!

I'm a divine channel. I channel information and stories and images from the universe in support of others, in support of myself, in support of my family, but really to guide humanity forward and to guide us to the next evolution, the next ascension. That is why I believe that I chose to be put here on this Earth at this point in human history.

So now that all of the people that don't want to hear from me are gone, I just want to say: “Welcome to my people! Hi! And thank you so much for being here.

I guess that's the first lesson that's coming through. It's something that I've really had to come to terms with in my journey of leaning into my spiritual truth and my Universe-given persona, who I am at my core.

I really had to come to terms with the notion that I am not for everyone, and spoiler: neither are you.

And I think the moment that I was able to sink into that truth (that I am actually not going to be for everyone, not everyone's going to like me, I am not going to please everybody in being who I truly am at my core)… the moment I was able to accept that as a universal truth, that was the moment that I was able to step fully into who I am meant to be here in this realm at this particular point in history.

Brene Brown says a lot that resonates with me, but what's coming up for me right now is this notion of permission slips: What would it take for you to give yourself the permission to not be for everyone?

And how would that free you from whatever it is that is guiding your path that is not Universe-led?

When I say that with so much love because that has been most of my life. I am a queer, cisgender, mixed Asian woman, and I have spent most of my life caring for other people. I was just talking to a friend about this notion of rest and when the last time I actually rested was, and I cannot even tell you the answer, because ever since I was a little kid, I have been taking care of other people.

I have not taken a moment to rest, and I have been in this people pleasing mode almost my entire life. I guess I could say I'm a recovering people pleaser, because I still see myself doing that. I tend to be hard on myself and spiral into shame when I do start to go into that people pleasing mode, but it's also something that I recognize does not serve me.

How can we hold both? And how can we be in constant growth and continue to stand in our power and continue to challenge ourselves to know better and to do better? I guess that's the first lesson for today.

But when I think about being a divine channel, I think it started well before I realized that I was a channel. When I think of being a little kid, I always got the sense when there was something spiritually around that I could not see with my two eyes. I got messages from a very young age. I recently asked my mom, because I had some awareness around like angel energy in the last several years.

I asked my mom, “Did I ever talk about angels as a kid? Was that ever a thing?”

And my mom said, “You didn't really talk about them, but you would always draw them.”

And I said, “What? Really? How do I not know this? Why didn't you tell me this?”

And she said, “Meh, it never really came up.” So mom, right?

She told me that when I was a kid, I drew giant angels on the wall with like crayon. And as I look back on it, I'm sure that's because these angels were communicating with me from the ether. I was drawing these angels on the wall with crayon, and I got in so much trouble for it.

And I don't remember this. I'd completely blocked it out, but I got in so much trouble and my mom made me scrub the wall. And I think from then on out, I never drew another angel. It's feeling important to say, because I think there are things that happen when we're younger, that consciously or unconsciously, we tend to put away, right?

We put away our gifts. We pack them away. I got in trouble that day. And ever since then, I could always sense spiritual presence, but I didn't allow myself to explore it. We have things happen. We get bumped and bruised along the way of our life and somehow we forget who we are.

We forget what our gifts are. We forget the big work that we're meant to do. We forget where we're from and this podcast and the space that we're sharing right now is an invitation for you to begin to remember all of the gifts that you have been given that for one reason or another have been put away.

What could it look like for you to give yourself permission to bring those gifts forward today?

With that, I will transition into the next part of my story. That was the very early stuff. “Something's up with this girl. Something is different.”

I didn't really understand the full extent of my gift as an etheric translator until this year and specifically with the murder of George Floyd. That was the moment I made the giant mistake of watching that video, and I sobbed with my entire spirit. Something was awakened within me, within the collective consciousness. And this was not new. Violence against the Black community is not new, unfortunately. I wish I could say; it is not.

And yet that was the moment that everything cracked open for me. And I think it cracked open for a lot more people. From that moment on, I started hearing things and seeing things in my mind's eye that I shouldn't have been knowing.

And I got curious about it. I wondered, “Okay, what is happening?” It was not the first time that I'd channeled messages from the ether, but it was the first time that it was so frequent. It was happening multiple times a day and oftentimes in my coaching sessions. I'm a leadership coach (my Clark Kent persona), and it was happening as I was coaching executives. Divine guidance was coming through and I could no longer hold it back. I could not put it away. So I just started to bring it forward. I started telling executives, coaching clients, consulting clients what was coming through.

And amazingly, it was resonating. I even surprised myself with the information that I was getting that I should not have. I was seeing very distinct images. I was sitting and having a connection with a friend of mine who was telling me about her financial troubles.

I started to receive an image of an older black woman kneading bread and flour going everywhere. And this little girl joyfully jumping and laughing and the flour was going everywhere. And I conveyed that image to her: “I'm getting this information right now. What does this mean? Do you know?”

And she just started to cry and said, “That's my grandmother. That's me and my grandmother. When I was a little girl, all I remember of her is kneading bread. She was always baking bread, and being in her kitchen are some of my most joyful memories.”

And that happened times three, four, five hundred. It just kept happening.

I just started to get curious and unpack, “What does this all mean? Why me? Why is this a thing? What am I supposed to do with this?” I'm a survivor of childhood trauma. I'm a survivor of sexual trauma, sexual abuse, and I just have always felt so different and I didn't want one more thing to make me different.

So I pushed it away a little bit… as much as I could. But again, it just kept coming up. It kept resurfacing. And so finally I just said, “yes.” I stopped and accepted that this is what is happening. And it started to be clear to me that every single one of these entities that came forward, they were all in service of humans here and animals and plants, etc.

But my work was around supporting humans. So every single time I got into community with someone who needed a message, I sent it over. I just sent it over and said, “Hey, there's a message coming through. Are you open to hearing it?" And of course, some people say no, but most people say yes.

And it either came through or it didn't. And that is truly how this all started. It was just me saying “yes” and others saying “yes” to receiving it.

Then a few months ago, I met a dear friend of mine. Her name is Josette LeBlanc. She's also a channel and an energy worker, and she has incredible offerings.

I started working with her and what happened after that, I could not have even anticipated. My life has changed so much since that fateful call with Josette. My gifts cracked wide open and all the information that my ego was holding back just started coming through. It flooded in. I spent a few days up there, like I was in the ether, in the spiritual realm, even though I was walking this earth. It was with the lens of: “Wow, we are so connected and we're so interconnected, and we're so held.” And that was the way that I moved through the Earth. My empath abilities, my psychic abilities, everything was heightened. I got a lot of information those few days and then I started to settle back into my humanness, which is required.

We may be divine beings, but we are not meant to be 100% divine on this Earth. It's not sustainable. I wasn't eating, I wasn't sleeping, and then I crashed a bit. I crashed back into my humanness and now several months later, I'm in this space of balance, balancing, continual balancing and continual rebalancing.

The ego, the fight between ego and divinity. It is a fight. It's a struggle, and also, it's the yin and the yang. They both have to exist and they have to coexist and balance in order to be healthy.

And so that is where I am now. I'm channeling a book. I channel for clients. I learned how to be an Akashic records practitioner. I am navigating a reawakening, a remembering of who I am.

I quit my corporate job. Tomorrow is my last day. It's so surreal. By the time you listen to this, it will have been a couple of months. It's so surreal to think that I was the good girl. I've always had this good girl mask, this good girl narrative. I did all the things. I went to school. I went to grad school. I had the cushy corporate role. I did it all. What was very clear to me this year when my gifts arose was that I was not meant to be that person and this is who I'm meant to be.

I invite you to join me on this journey. I would love to hear from you. I would love to see if you resonate with any of this. I am curious to see who you all are and who you're remembering you are. Because I think at the end of the day, we're all here at this particular point in human history to move forward, to ascend to the next level, to the next evolution of who we are meant to be as a Collective.

My goal is to do anything that I can do to support that ascension. That is my hope and my vision for what I'm doing here. I hope that you get some clarity through this podcast. I hope you find a place to belong. I hope you find your people here, because this notion that we are separate, that we are alone in this world, is simply false.

We are one. We are so connected, and we completely belong to one another. For now, be still my friends and live into your impact. So good chatting with you today, and I'll talk to you soon.


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