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Earth Angel: Welcome Home

I am a writer. I've been writing for most of my life. I wrote my first book when I was in grade school, during the summer before I entered 3rd grade. I proudly brought my creation to the school librarian and asked her to put it out for others to read. She smiled warmly and obliged.

I am also a shaman and spiritual channel who chose to come into this life to support Earth Angels. I've found in recent years that perhaps the most important way I am able to do that is through my writing.

This is a space for you to belong, perhaps for you to see yourself in the stories and articles that I share here. I have received clear direction to publish what I call "soul stories," which are a collection of channeled works that are specific to my own soul journey. The beautiful thing about channeling our soul stories is that we can often see ourselves in the stories of others. That is my hope in sharing my stories: that you find belonging here where belonging feels hard to come by in our world. Perhaps you can find a bit of hope here. A bit of direction. A bit of home.

I love you. I see you. I know you. Thank you for witnessing my journey. I hope it gives you the courage to share your own stories when you are ready.

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