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Soul Origins | Part I: The Beginning

Updated: Jul 10

Approximately 3,000 Earth years ago

Location: Earth, Spirit Realm

I am a relatively new soul, and I have not yet encountered many others. Joan of Arc visits me often. She is the spirit guide who has been assigned to me at this time. I have encountered Source only once, when I first arrived. However, I’ve heard from Joan that they are incredibly intentional about the guides assigned to new souls.

“You have been assigned some pretty high-ranking guides,” Joan of Arc tells me. “And I’m not just saying that because I’m amazing.” She smiles, pleased with her little joke. Joan told me recently that she is currently my main guide, and she is in charge of getting me acclimated in my new etheric body.

“Why do I have such high-ranking guides?” I ask inquisitively.

“I’m not sure,” she responds after considering the question. “We’re not always going to know why Source makes the decisions they make. All I know at this time is that we’re supposed to keep an eye on you. You’re going to feel a bit clumsy at first, while you are still learning about your gifts. But you get to practice, and I’ll be here to guide you.”

I let out a soft sigh, and the sun begins to filter in through Joan’s sandy brown hair. I take a look around. “Where are we exactly?”

“You don’t really need to know right now,” she replies. “Just know that you are safe, protected. We are with you, and you get to discover for a while… to learn who you are.”

I nod, continuing to take in my surroundings. We are in a giant meadow, sprinkled with vibrant purple and yellow wildflowers. The breeze is light, carrying the warmth of the sun across the plains. I see snowcapped mountains in the distance behind us and a giant lake to the right of where we are standing. The sun’s bright reflection on the lake makes it sparkle and shimmer, like millions of tiny diamonds strewn on a glass floor.

“Who are my other guides?” I ask, genuinely curious. “When do I get to meet them?”

“Soon,” she replies simply, and nothing else is said. I have learned that she only tells me as much as I’m allowed to know at any given time.

“Okay,” I shrug as I begin to walk toward the lake.

“I’ll be back, sweet child,” Joan adds. “I love you.”

I perk up at her words, noticing how divine it feels to be loved. It’s not the first time I have sensed it, felt it, from other beings in this realm, but I take a moment to let it sink in before responding. “I love you, too!” I send energy behind the words so that she can feel the truth in my words. She smiles back at me, and then she is gone.


I don’t know exactly how long I’ve been here in this new etheric body, and I have no recollection of what happened before I entered it. It is difficult for me to journey back, to remember. I am noticing that being here in this soul makes it difficult for me to be anywhere other than the present moment.

But I don’t mind. I’m enjoying my resting place. It’s really beautiful here, and Joan visits me often. She told me this morning that we are on a planet called “Earth.” Apparently, there are multiple dimensions associated with this planet where we reside, multiple planes, multiple realities. Right now, as a pure soul, I am my highest self. I haven’t manifested in a human body just yet. “That comes later,” Joan had explained to me. “After you understand things a bit better, after you have your feet beneath you… you begin to journey, to choose which lives and which realities you want to engage in.”

“How do you choose?” I implored. “I mean… what is the point? Does it really matter?”

Joan paused, considering my question. “Well,” she breathed contemplatively. “I suppose it just depends on what lessons you want to learn, what your soul yearns to do… what your soul yearns to be. What you value.”

“What do you value?” I asked.

“Courage. Valor,” she responded. “Doing what’s right. Challenging oppression.”

“Wow… that’s a bit…”

“Intense. I know,” she chuckled. “I’ve been told that. But I also am deeply joyful and love the simple things. I am a complex being, as are you.”

“I don’t feel super complex,” I sighed. “I just… enjoy being here, being warmed by the sun. Putting my feet in the lake. I love being present.”

“Oh, yes,” she agreed. “And, you will begin to see the other things you value. They will be revealed in time. You are quite powerful, you know. Or so we’ve been told.”

I guffawed, unable to hold back my disbelief. “Okay, I’m not so sure about that. I’m just a simple soul. I just want to be happy, content. I just want to help where I can.”

Joan forced a faint smile, as if remembering a painful memory that she was not ready to disclose. “I know, sweet girl,” she said. “Just promise me something, okay?”

“Anything!” I replied eagerly.

“Don’t forget… that there is always hope.”


Time is… interesting in this realm. I can’t quite get a grasp on it. I could be lying in the sun for what seems like a brief moment, and then the sun will set and the moon will rise, blanketing my beautiful meadow in a soft darkness. The temperature rarely changes from moderate; however, I often cover myself with a light blanket that Joan has gifted me. I enjoy the feel of fabric on my skin. I place a stack of leaves under my head so that I have something soft to lay my head on.

I walk barefoot across my meadow often, feeling energy enter my body through the bottoms of my feet. I asked Joan once where the energy was coming from.

“Gaia,” she had replied simply. “She is one of the energy sources here on Earth. She is powerful and very important to you, your survival, and your journey.”

“Well,” I beamed, “Thank you, Gaia!” Joan smiled, and I got the sense that she enjoyed my playful spirit.

In this moment, the sun is rising, casting away the soft darkness, turning night to day. I lift my face to feel the warmth of the rising sun on my face. “Good morning, Sun,” I say softly, genuinely grateful for its healing rays. The air always smells freshest first thing in the morning, when the dew is still on the grass and the wildflowers, not yet burned away by the heat of the sun. I love watching Earth wake up. It brings me a tremendous amount of joy.

I walk over to the lake and step in so that the water just barely reaches above my ankles. I look down at my reflection and smile.

I’m wearing a silky pale pink strapless dress, which I have bunched up in my left hand to avoid getting it wet. I’m not sure how old I truly am, but I always feel surprised that my appearance is one of an adult. I don’t feel like an adult. I imagine that inside, I feel as though a child would feel. Awe-struck and hopeful. Joyous and present.

In my reflection, I see my jet-black hair with hints of vibrant colors that change depending on how the sun hits it. My eyes are dark brown and almond-shaped. My hair flows gently past my shoulders, and I have glowing tattoos on the tops of my feet. Angel’s wings. My body is slender and soft, my skin a light tan.

I feel Gaia’s energy coursing through my body and I bring my hands to the center of my chest, receiving her energy gratefully. I close my eyes and allow the gentle breeze to swirl around me, sensing the beautiful fragrance of the wildflowers nearby. I breathe deeply one last time before stepping out of the lake and walking back toward the meadow.

I continue to feel the warmth on my bare shoulders as I turn to walk away from the lake. I find a cozy spot to rest amongst the wildflowers as I wait for Joan to meet me.

Suddenly, a dark shadow sweeps over the meadow. “That’s strange,” I mutter to myself, looking up toward the skies, trying to understand what is causing the shadow. I see nothing and lie back down. “Maybe I’m just imagining things.”

I hear a muffled voice in my mind, and sit back up quickly. Joan.

I stand up, surprised by the urgency in her voice. I don’t see her, but I can feel her energy, her presence.

“Run!” I hear her say in my mind and immediately begin sprinting across the meadow. I don’t know where I’m going, or what I’m running from, but I instinctively begin to traverse the Earth beneath me. I see the mountains and focus on them, feeling called to head that way. Perhaps there is a cave where I can hide? What is happening?!

All of the sudden, my surroundings become still. I am frantically trying to move my body, yet there is no longer any land moving beneath me. Lightning flashes across the sky, then I hear an angry rumble. Gaia.

“What is happening?” I call out, as the fierce storm rages around me. I, however, am not feeling the rain on my skin. It’s as though there is an invisible forcefield around me, lifting me higher and higher. I can sense Gaia working hard to get me back, to return me to solid ground, but she is unsuccessful.

I ascend higher and higher into the atmosphere, and I see my meadow become more and more distant. My mountains, my lake… all now a blur of browns and greens and blues as I ascend higher and higher into the clouds. Suddenly, a bright flash crosses my awareness and then… pitch black. Cold darkness envelops me.

I try to scream, but I cannot hear the sound of my own voice. The only thing I know for certain at this point is that something is terribly wrong, and I am alone.

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